In January I went to see a Fred Frith seminar/concert on improvisation. During the concert I made these drawings in the dark. At the end I went to find him, shook his hand (alas, you could still shake someone's hand) and showed them to him, saying "I've been listening to you for forty years, it's time for me to do something for you."

Fred Frit's improvvisation
About Andy Goldsworthy
words written without looking
Pen on paper
Carnet sheet
13 x 21 cm


Fred Frit's improvvisation 1/2
Ink on paper
Carnet sheets
28 x 19 cm

Fred Frit's improvvisation 2/2
Ink on paper
Carnet sheets
28 x 19 cm


Diptych:"Absolute and Instantaneous" 

(Judith is watching the young man that is watching me) 

Oil on cardboard installed on two windows
35.5 x 40 x 3.5 cm each
Mixed media - pen, ink, crayons, crayons, markers, pencils and watercolors on paper
29,7 × 19,2 cm


White anb black ink / gouache on paper
60 × 30 cm

Pen on watercolour paper
November 2015
20 x 30 cm
(perforated on top)

I made this drawing on invitation at the Musée du Luxembourg, in Paris, during the exhibition dedicated to Jean-Honoré Fragonard.
A few days after the attacks of November 2015, in a militarized and frightened Paris, I looked for an evening of peace in the drawing. Given my state of mind, my drawing was reduced to a single panel, where I represented the works, their sensuality in a context so contrasted with the situation in which I found myself. I wanted to represent in the work also to the other artists present, considering our work, like the works we are studying, an act of resistance against barbarism and obscurantism.

Fragonard au Musée du Luxembourg.

J'ai réalisé ce dessin sur invitation au Musée du Luxembourg, à Paris, lors de l'exposition consacrée à Jean-Honoré Fragonard.
Quelques jours après les attentats de novembre 2015, dans un Paris militarisé et effrayé, j'ai cherché une soirée de paix dans le dessin. Compte tenu de mon état d'esprit, mon dessin a été réduit à un seul panneau, où je représentais les œuvres, leur sensualité dans un contexte si contrasté avec la situation dans laquelle je me trouvais. J'ai voulu représenter dans l'œuvre aussi aux autres artistes présents, considérant notre travail, comme les œuvres que nous étudions, un acte de résistance contre la barbarie et l'obscurantisme.
Oil on canvas
33 x 46 cm

Acrylic on cardboard
50 × 70 cm

Painting inspired by the Detail of Fall of Icarus by Blondel, decoration of Louvre ceiling, Paris

Oil on Canvas
50 × 70 cm

D'après Bosch - La nef des fous

TECHNIQUE : encre blanche sur papier noir

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mpression numérique sur papier
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4 Paintings
Gouache and Ink on Paper - 2015
29,7 x 40 cm

 Acrylic on Canvas - 1986
70 cm × 70 cm

Acrylic on Canvas - 1984
50 cm × 70 cm

Paris' skyline from Agnes Varda's "les soudites Cariatides" (1984)

Carnet - 04/2020
Ink and watercolor on paper
21x14,85 cm

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